Oleksii zeleniuk

Hi! My name is Oleksii Zeleniuk.

I’m a Freelance (full-stack) software developer based in Hamburg. Since 2009 I work as a software developer for various companies.I focused on architecting and building web-based applications and taking care of infrastructure, test automation, and a little bit of frontend.

I started building software with PHP first, but nowadays, it’s not limited to that. I enjoy projects in Node.js, Typescript, Kotlin, Python, etc. I’m especially pleased to work with AWS services.

I was born in Prag (Czech Republic), grew up in Kyiv (Ukraine), and currently live in Hamburg (Germany). I do speak Ukrainian, Russian, English, and German languages.

On a personal note, I’m into sport (like football, jogging, judo, etc.), traveling, and exploring new music. I also have a blog where I post about my recent projects.

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